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Nicole E. Anderson is a Certified Therapeutic Musician, Therapist/Life Coach, and Meditation Teacher. She specializes in Wellness Integrations, which blend various health and wellness modalities to achieve new depths in healing. Nicole works as a therapeutic harpist in healthcare and wellness facilities all over Massachusetts, plus offers various online services and resources for self-care and healing.  

Harp & Wellness News

Harpscapes of Spring releases Saturday, April 1! Download your digital copy.

Want a free copy of Harpscapes of Spring? Join HarpscapesPLUS during the month of April and get an album download as a special gift, plus lots of other perks!

Selections of my music, as well as my Autumn Healing video, are featured on the River of Calm app and website. Consider downloading the app on your Apple or Android device for soothing music by talented musicians.


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