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Nicole E. Anderson is a Certified Therapeutic Musician, Certified Sound Healer, Life Coach, and Meditation Teacher. She specializes in wellness integrations, which combine multiple health and wellness modalities simultaneously to achieve new depths in healing. Nicole has worked in various healthcare and wellness facilities in the New England area, including hospitals, nursing homes, hospice houses, yoga studios, and more. She also offers online services and resources for healing through music.

Nicole is a leading practitioner and educator in the field of Therapeutic Music, serving as a mentor for the Clinical Musician Certification Program and a member of the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians (NSBTM). She is also the founder of Fundamentals With Feeling, a platform for supplemental healing music education.

Harp & Wellness News

New album announcement: Nature's Music, the latest collection of Harpscapes, with all tracks featuring harp and nature sounds.

Join Nicole and Scott Lawlor for their March full moon premiere, Chaste Moon, Saturday March 23 at 7PM EDT


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