Online Harp Therapy

A convenient and effective way to add therapeutic harp to your wellness routine. Enjoy 30-minute Zoom harp therapy sessions!

What to expect from a session:

During the first few minutes of the session, Nicole will make sure that all audio and video is working, and she will briefly discuss what to expect from your session. Then, sit or lie back as Nicole plays harp music specifically catered to your needs.

What are the benefits?

Many of the same benefits of in-person harp therapy can be achieved in virtual sessions! Looking to relieve stress? Lower your blood pressure? Get a good night's sleep? Nicole will create a "musical recipe" to help!

More benefits of therapeutic music sessions include: 

✓ Easing muscle tension

✓ Reducing pain

✓ Relieving anxiety

✓ Boosts feelings of happiness and inner peace

✓ Produces a deep level of stillness and peace in the environment

You can read more about the benefits of harp therapy here.


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  • 30 minute harp therapy session via Zoom

    30 min

    35 US dollars


1. Where can I find the link to enter my Zoom session?

The link will be sent in your confirmation email after you book your session.

2. What am I supposed to do during a session?

That is completely up to you! Some people like to just sit and listen, while others close their eyes and take a moment to rest. You may desire to enter a contemplative or meditative state, or simply make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy this little break! If you feel you cannot sit still the whole time, some people like to use the session as inspiration, and they draw or write as they listen to the music. I cater my music to whatever your goals are.

3. How is the session broken down?

The first 5 minutes is your time to settle in while I do a sound check, to make sure the audio is clear and to your desired volume. We briefly discuss what you wish to get out of the session. Then I will play customized therapeutic music. If you opt for breath work, I will provide this just prior to the harp therapy session. Then I will end with about 3-5 minutes before the end of the session, so that we can wrap up.

4. What if I fall asleep during my session?

That is totally fine! The harp is extremely soothing, so many people will fall asleep while listening. If you've fallen asleep by the end of the session, I will simply end our meeting. However, if you have something to do after your session, be sure to set an alarm for a couple minutes after our session's end, in case you do fall asleep!

5. Why do I need the camera facing me, and how much of me do you need to see?

Part of my job is to gauge your body language, so I can adjust my playing accordingly. Ideally I would be able to see at least the top half of your body (stomach/chest and head), but I can work with whatever is comfortable for you.

6. What do I need for my session?

Besides your device to connect to Zoom, you may want to listen on headphones or high-quality speakers. Other optional accessories are cushions/a blanket, an eye mask, or anything else that will help you relax. I am a huge fan of making an experience out of self-care, so let the session work for you! Set up your space to make it cozy and relaxed. This is YOUR time.

Preparing for your session:

1. Look for the confirmation email that will include your Zoom link.

2. Plan out a comfortable space for your session. You may sit or lie down, depending on what's most comfortable. Though it may feel awkward at first, please place your camera facing you, so the practitioner can see you. Therapeutic musicians must be able to see cues given off by their listener in order to provide their best work.

3. If you choose to use headphones, make sure they are handy before the session begins.

4. Enter your Zoom room using the link provided in your confirmation email, at least five minutes prior to your session.

5. Wait for the practitioner to let you into the room.

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