Online Harp Therapy

A convenient and effective way to add therapeutic harp to your wellness routine. Enjoy 30-minute Zoom harp therapy sessions!

What to expect from a session:

During the first few minutes of the session, Nicole will make sure that all audio and video is working, and she will briefly discuss what to expect from your session. Then, sit or lie back as Nicole plays harp music specifically catered to your needs.

What are the benefits?

Many of the same benefits of in-person harp therapy can be achieved in virtual sessions! Looking to relieve stress? Lower your blood pressure? Get a good night's sleep? Nicole will create a "musical recipe" to help!

More benefits of therapeutic music sessions include: 

✓ Easing muscle tension

✓ Reducing pain

✓ Relieving anxiety

✓ Boosts feelings of happiness and inner peace

✓ Produces a deep level of stillness and peace in the environment

You can read more about the benefits of harp therapy here.


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