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Resources for Healing Musicians

Nicole's course platform offers supplemental education for healing musicians. Whether you are a Certified Therapeutic Musician looking for continuing education, or you are looking to get your feet wet with some beginner training, Nicole's offerings suit all levels. Choose from an ever-growing course catalog which includes multi-module courses and short tutorials. Or, request a one-on-one coaching call with Nicole, where you can customize the specific topics you would like to learn. For the Therapeutic Musician who is ready to launch a practice, Nicole also offers marketing material design.

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Topics covered:

✓ Music skill development

✓ Applications to therapeutic settings

✓ Offering Therapeutic Music online

✓ Business development and management

✓ Repertoire enhancement

✓ Fundamentals and logistics


✓ Multi-module courses

✓ Tutorials

✓ Tutorial bundles

✓ Book list

✓ One-on-one professional coaching

✓ Marketing material design

With her extensive expertise and experience in the fields of music, psychology, and healthcare, you can trust Nicole to bring you high-quality educational services to help you on your therapeutic music journey.

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