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Harp & Meditation

One of the most seamless integrations of therapeutic practices is harp therapy and meditation. In harp therapy, both the practitioner and patient experience a mindful centering that resembles a meditative state. Nicole often talks about "clearing the mind and opening the heart" when entering a therapeutic session. In order to provide the utmost healing, therapeutic musicians must be ready to communicate through their instrument. This musical expression alters the energy of the environment and creates space for healing to occur. In order to this to take effect, the musician must develop specific skills to enter a state of clarity. The patient experiences this clarity on the receiving end, letting the music soak in and achieving stillness and peace as a result.

Meditation is a technique to train your mind to retain focus, ultimately creating a sense of calm and stillness. As part of mindfulness, meditation can help one learn the art of presence and openness, and with continued practice, this mindset can become a way of thinking in everyday life.

The pairing of harp and meditation allows for a deep focus on the present environment. The music serves as a wordless mantra, each note drawing the attention back to the practice at hand. This, coupled with the harp's innate healing resonance, promotes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Nicole is available to offer harp-guided meditations at your facility. As a Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, she has trained to integrate her soothing spoken guidance with thoughtful therapeutic music.

Hire Nicole to facilitate a harp-guided meditation, or if you already have a facilitator, Nicole is happy to provide musical accompaniment.

Example meditation

CPY Meditate.JPG
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