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Harp & Nature

"A feeling of comfort can be achieved if our rhythms

synchronized with those of the environment."

-Yoshifumi Miyazaki

In her therapeutic music studies, Nicole became fascinated with the notion of resonance frequencies: purposely playing specific notes to emit vibrations of a certain frequency for healing purposes. She read books that described playing music to mimic the vibrations of the Earth. A nature-lover since childhood, Nicole was personally aware of the immense benefits that outdoor time can have on the body. Seeing great potential in pairing the harp with nature, Nicole's next step after graduating was to dive into research on Nature Therapy, or the practice of nature exposure for mental health care. The scientific evidence is plenty, and Nicole noted just how many health benefits overlap with those of harp therapy:

✔Instilling feelings of well-being and relaxation

✔Aiding in sleep

✔Relieving stress

✔Enhancing the five senses

✔Increasing feelings of connection to others

✔Reducing blood pressure and heart rate

✔Helping the muscles to relax

After bringing her therapy harp outdoors for the first time, there was no turning back. Simultaneously immersing oneself in harp music and nature is an unparalleled experience. 

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Nicole's recommendations for learning about mindfulness in nature

Want to collaborate with Nicole on a harp and nature excursion?


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