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Harp Therapy

Therapeutic Music (harp therapy) is the practice of playing live music for the purposes of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. It brings the mind and body into balance, helping to instill calm and peace in the listener. The practice of using music and sound for healing is rooted in thousands of years of history in all cultures of the world, and in modern times, ample scientific evidence has proven the healing and comforting essence of music. Therapeutic Music is becoming a sought-after modality in healthcare and palliative care facilities.


Therapeutic Harp Music is conducted by a harpist who has received training from an accredited certification program. Nicole is certified through the Harp for Healing Clinical Musician Certification Program. She works with both individuals and groups in a variety of settings, including:


Hospice homes

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities

Alzheimer's units

Cancer centers

Yoga studios

Private in-home sessions

You may also find Therapeutic Musicians working in non-health and wellness settings, including schools, offices, veterinary clinics, community centers, veteran centers, spas, and more. Healing music is universally impactful, so the possibilities are endless.

Benefits of Therapeutic Music

✓ Aids in stress relief, relaxation, and sleep

✓ Eases muscle tension

✓ Lowers blood pressure and heart rate

✓ Reduces pain

✓ Relieves anxiety

✓ Stabilizes oxygen saturation levels

✓ Boosts recall and orientation in Alzheimer's patients

✓ Serves as a guide during life's transitions

✓ Lays the foundation for emotional uplifting and catharsis

✓ Produces a deep level of stillness and peace in the environment


♪ Bedside or lobby music in hospitals and hospice facilities

♪ Peaceful waiting room music in clinics

♪ Bedside, group therapy, or uplifting concerts for seniors

♪ Private in-home bedside therapy

♪ Healing music for yoga, meditation, and applied medicine

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