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Video: Harp-Accompanied Yoga with Nicole Anderson and Linda Evans. Video courtesy of Ventress Memorial Library.

Harp & Yoga

Nicole has been offering harp-accompanied yoga classes since 2018 and has collaborated with yoga instructors throughout the state of Massachusetts. A yogi herself, Nicole personally understands the depths in healing that can be achieved as a result of the practice. By combining yoga with therapeutic harp music, the benefits are achieved even more profoundly. Participants of harp-accompanied yoga have noticed the following:

✓ Better focus

✓ Steadier, deeper breathing

✓ Enhanced feelings of well-being

✓ Emotional catharsis

✓ Better sleep after practicing

✓ Reduced stress

✓ Decreased body tension

In harp-accompanied yoga, Nicole plays a small therapy harp while sitting on a meditation bolster. This allows the soundboard to come into direct contact with the floor.  As a result, participants can feel the vibrations travel through the floor, in addition to the resonance through the air. Using the instructor as a guide, Nicole plays music that matches the energy of the class by adjusting her note frequencies, rhythm, and tempo accordingly.

Learn more, including the best types of yoga to pair with harp, in the yoga and wellness flyer.

Excerpt from Nicole's Harp Therapy Journal Article, Harp and Yoga


Are you a yoga instructor or other holistic practitioner looking to collaborate with Nicole?

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