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Press Features

The Marshfield Mariner

The Norwell Mariner

The Scituate Mariner

The Hingham Journal

South Shore Happenings, SSH Newsletter



The Harp Therapy Journal

Helping and Healing through Therapeutic Music

Winter 2020


My Journey to Create an Authentically ME Business

April 2020

The Harp Therapy Journal

Harp & Yoga: Reaching New Depths in Integrative Holistic Wellness Practices

Read an excerpt here

Summer 2019

The Harp Therapy Journal

Playing from the Heart

Summer 2018

Podcasts & Interviews

Tones and Drones Podcast

Tones and Drones with Nicole Anderson, Harpist

September 2022


Opening the Harp Chakra Podcast

Harp & Wellness with Nicole Anderson

August 2021

Inebriart Podcast

Nicole Anderson Interview

January 2020

South Shore Hospital

Harp Therapist Interview

September 2018

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