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The Recharge & Rebuild Handbook

A 5-day process to reduce stress, regroup, and build your new routine after stressful and challenging circumstances

What if you had a guide to help you through this difficult time? 

A toolkit for calming, organizing, and regaining control of your life?

The Recharge & Rebuild Handbook is your map for navigating through the pandemic and into the "new normal." Use it to reduce fear and overwhelm, so that you can have a plan-of-action moving forward. Find your way through the darkness, with a new routine that emphasizes your health and wellness - in just 5 days!

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The world is reopening. Are you ready?

How valuable would it be to have an expert-designed resource at your fingertips, that guides you through all of the stressors and unknowns, while also offering much needed tools for self-care?

In this time of increased isolation, you don't have to be alone.

Studies show at least 1 in 4 people are experiencing extreme stress due to the pandemic. This can result in unhealthy behaviors, a weakened immune system, and further mental and emotional struggles.

Source: WalletHub

As of late May, one-third of Americans had diagnosable anxiety and depression as a result of the pandemic. This number is expected to continue increasing.

Source: Washington Post

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We are a society that doesn't place our own well-being at the forefront, but right now, we need to focus on our well-being the most.

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This is the very purpose of the Recharge & Rebuild Handbook. It's rooted in healing and wellness, to calm your mind and reduce stress, while also giving you a clear vision for moving forward, no matter what this next phase in life brings you.

In just 5 days, you will feel more at ease, less stressed and anxious, and have a plan.

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The Recharge & Rebuild Handbook has been thoughtfully created by a mental health professional who has been in the field for over a decade. The Handbook contains:

  • A fillable or printable guide with mindfulness prompts, questions, and exercises to help you find meaning and purpose in your current circumstances and cope with negative thoughts, feelings, and experiences

  • A collection of meditations in both audio and written form

  • Healing therapeutic music audio downloads to help you relax and focus

  • Handouts to aid in organization, mindfulness, and stress release

  • Tips for reusing the Handbook whenever new challenges arise

Step 1: Tune in with mindfulness journaling, meditation, and healing music

Learn what traits, abilities, and experiences are serving your greatest needs, and feel empowered by your self-growth journey.


Step 2: Create a new routine filled with goals to keep you happy and healthy

Need to improve your sleep schedule? Implement a new exercise routine? Keep track of job hunting, work, or school life? The Handbook has templates that you can use to keep track of your goals and schedule.

Right now, the world is going through a collective trauma.  That's the actual word to describe this unprecedented, challenging time. What this means is, you're likely feeling


uneasy and unsettled

apprehensive about what's to come

missing the way things once were

disappointed at the responses of our leaders

not in control

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I get it.

Change, in the best of circumstances, is hard. This type of negative, dire, sudden change is brutal.

So, what if one simple product could be your ticket to reduce all that grief, sadness, anxiety, and apprehension?



What if it could help you regain control so that you could find a routine again?



What if it helped you breathe easier?

Your journey to rebuilding starts now.  In 5 days, you'll be so glad that you took this first step today.


Who am I?

I'm Nicole. I'm a masters-level mental health practitioner and life coach. I also hold certifications in therapeutic music and mindfulness and meditation. Over the past decade, my work has brought me to healthcare and wellness facilities all over the northeastern United States. I've received recognition and awards for my work as a therapeutic harpist. I've been featured in news sources, podcasts, and online magazines, and am a published contributor to the Harp Therapy Journal. I am also an instructor for students and graduates of therapeutic music certification programs.

I've devoted my career to holistic health and wellness, advocating for the prioritization and normalization of mental health. My emphasis is on the whole. I love blending various techniques and therapies so that you can feel healed and strong in both mind and body. Combining life coaching, mindfulness, and music is an unbeatable combination that has shown remarkable results - which is exactly why I'm so passionate about bringing it to you!

This pandemic, along with all of the civil unrest and crises our world is facing - is a call for a big reset. While we cannot change the world in 5 days, we can surely better position ourselves to handle the changes. That's why I believe it's so important to share easy-to-follow, affordable resources, to help you find your bearings and prioritize your self-care.


Nicole E. Anderson, MS, CCM, CPC, CMMT

Therapist and Life Coach

Certified Therapeutic Musician

Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher

Owner of Harp & Wellness, LLC

What's included with the Recharge & Rebuild Handbook?

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Beautifully designed, user-friendly templates, handouts, and visual aids.

-The Action Converter: Turning your Desires into Goals (also integrated in your packet)-

-The Vision Timeline: Getting Started in your New Routine (also integrated in your packet)-

-The 18-Month Vision Calendar-

-Printable Affirmations-

-Written transcripts of all of the audio meditations-

-You CAN Meditate infographic-

-Dreams2Goals infographic-

Value: $134


Ten meditation, mindfulness, and music audio downloads specially written to supplement your RYR process, totaling close to 3 hours of audio content.

Audio downloads include:

-Music for Focus-

-Music for Grounding-

-Music for Hope-

-Music for Clarity (parts 1 & 2)-

-Extending Gratitude Meditation-

-Positive Affirmations-

-Your Future: A Visualization-

-Meditation for Courage-

-Breathing Meditation for Stress Reduction-

Value: $80

Your Recharge & Rebuild packet, which includes my exclusive Rebuild Your Routine (RYR) step-by-step process for turning your wants, needs, and values into goals for your future. Packet is both fillable and printable, so you have the choice to work through it digitally or by hand.

Easy-to-follow sections that you can complete in just 5 days, so that you can start feeling more relaxed, positive, and in control as quickly as possible.

Integrated mindfulness prompts and exercises to build self-awareness and well-being.

An accountability pledge to boost your progress.

Value: $89

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This is truly an all-encompassing, multifaceted approach to helping and healing yourself during this difficult time. I've put tons of thought and consideration into this product to make it simple, engaging, and results-oriented.

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Add all of these features up and you get a value of over $300! But no, I'm not selling it for $300. I want to get this resource into your hands so you can start feeling better today. My goal is to help you feel happier, healthier, and more in control of these stressful circumstances. That's why I've priced the Recharge & Rebuild Handbook, along with all the audio and visual goodies, at just $59.


But, since you're still reading this, I know you're invested in your well-being. I want you to feel really great about making the choice to buy this product. After all, we're all about reducing stress here!

So for a limited time, I'm offering the entire Handbook + audio downloads + templates and visual aids for just 



"But Nicole, how???????"

Because when I say I want to help you out, I mean it. This isn't a time for me to try and squeeze tons of money out of you. This is about getting the right tools into your well-being toolkit. Simple as that.

But I can't offer this low price forever, so get a jump on it! Just $39 now, and in 5 days you'll be happy you took this first step.


How can this really help me?

I've combined tried-and-true methods for relaxation, focus, well-being, and goal-setting. These are all methods that I've learned and adapted over my years working in mental health and coaching. Every meditation and mindfulness exercise has been scientifically proven to aid in focus, productivity, and stress reduction. The music downloads are composed, recorded, and produced 100% by me to ensure their therapeutic capacity. I have training from an accredited therapeutic music program, so you can be assured that the music I offer has a scientific basis for its benefits. Lastly, my Rebuild Your Routine (RYR) process stems from goal-setting strategies that mental health counselors have been using for a very long time. I won't lie, we have a lot of ground to cover, given everything that's been happening in our society. But that's why I designed this handbook to be your companion. Go through it in 5 days, or go at your own pace. Revisit it whenever you need. It's there for you, so let it work for you!

Yes, of course! The handbook and supplemental materials are all simple downloads that you can click and save right to your computer. You also have the option to fill the handbook in digitally, or print it out and fill it in by hand. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for an overview of what to expect once you purchase the Handbook.

I'm not tech-savvy. Can I still use the product?

Once you buy this product, everything is yours to keep forever! You can download any or all of the materials right to your computer. Buy the Handbook now and get to it whenever you're ready. I do however, suggest that you download all of the files sooner than later, because I can't guarantee that the links will work forever. 

How long will I have access to everything?

Yep! Of course, this is assuming you follow through the Handbook, put in the effort, and really engage with the materials. Only you can make certain of this. Am I guaranteeing a 100% problem-free fix in 5 days? Of course not. That would be unrealistic in the best of times, and definitely unrealistic now. But, what I am offering is a guide that you can go through now and refer back to whenever you need, that will get you to a better place - one where you feel more at ease and in control of your circumstances.

Will I really feel better in 5 days?

No worries! The sections of the Handbook are outlined in a 5-day structure, but you can take as much or as little time as you need to go through everything.

What if I can't complete the Handbook in 5 days?

That's a valid concern. The beauty of this Handbook, though, is that it's modular and dynamic. As your life changes, so will your goals. The Handbook accommodates this. The RYR process doesn't lead you to create a set-in-stone future. Instead, it gives you the tools you need to start rebuilding, making adjustments as you go along. Most importantly, when those changes do occur, you'll be better equipped to handle them, because you'll have all of your self-care exercises available to you.

How can I be expected to build a routine when so much can change quickly these days?

Who is The Recharge & Rebuild Handbook for?

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us in different ways, and so I created the Handbook to work for you, no matter what point your life is at right now.

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Young professionals who are trying to envision what their work and social lives will be like when they return to the office

Parents who are feeling overburdened with handling home life, work, and their kids' schooling, and they're seeking respite and guidance

People who have lost their jobs during the pandemic and are trying to pick up the pieces

Anyone who feels they're out of sorts, struggling emotionally, or have been hit hard by all of the recent struggles 

Those who work in healthcare, wellness, mental health, or healing, who have been working tirelessly to aid those in need, and who have let their own self-care take a back seat

"OK, I'm ready to purchase! Then what?"

1. Click the purchase button below, and you'll be brought to a secure checkout page where you'll have the option to check out right on the page, or through PayPal.


2. Your Recharge & Rebuild Handbook will be available for download immediately after purchase. The button to download will be on the confirmation page. You'll also have access to the download in your confirmation email.


3. The Handbook is in an easy-to-use PDF format and contains links to all of the supplemental recordings and visual aids. The links can be found on page 4 of your packet, and they are also embedded into each corresponding section.


4. When you click the links, you will be sent to a cloud storage location, where you'll have the option to download each file to your computer, so you can use them offline. Also, for your convenience, at the top of page 4 is a "Download All" link. This will take you to the folder that contains all of your materials, including another copy of the packet. You can download all of the files from there. *Please remember that these materials are for personal use only and cannot be copied, shared, or sold. If you would like to share these materials, you will find a referral link on the last page of the packet.

5. That's it! Just follow the instructions and guides in your packet, enjoy the downloads, and make your way through your self-care journey!

*Due to the low price of the product and the quick solution it offers, there are no refunds available. However, if you have pressing issues after purchase, contact Nicole at

I can't wait to have you along for the journey. You've been through a lot. You deserve this!

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