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Wellness Integrations

Harp therapy is wonderfully beneficial on its own, but it also has profound health benefits when combined with other modalities. For more than 25 years, therapeutic harp programs have been training students to offer music to patients at healthcare facilities. This integration has been proven to boost healing, morale, and well-being in ways that Western Medicine alone cannot achieve.


Music is not the only therapy that has shown these effects. Other holistic practices such as yoga, meditation, Reiki, and acupuncture, are being added to hospitals all over the country. We are entering a new time in healthcare, where Western Medicine no longer remains segregated from other practices.


While studying for her Masters in psychology, Nicole developed a passion for integrating holistic therapies with Western Medicine to form a multifaceted approach to mental health. Now, she is taking that passion a step further, integrating harp therapy with western healthcare, mental health, and other holistic practices. A self-proclaimed ambassador for these types of integrations, Nicole collaborates with local practitioners and healers to reach new depths in relaxation, comfort, and healing. In her article for the Harp Therapy Journal, Nicole writes:

"These already integrative therapies then integrate with one another, allowing for the wholest holistic approach to healing.... This multifaceted approach to wellness is a true example of a sum being greater than its parts."

Harp Therapy Journal, Summer 2019

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Common Harp Therapy Holistic Integrations

♪ Yoga

♪ Reiki, energetic, and spiritual healing

♪ Meditation

♪ Pet Therapy

♪ Art Therapy

♪ Dance Therapy

♪ Nature therapy, nature walks and forest bathing

♪ Acupuncture

♪ Progressive Muscle Relaxation

♪ Massage

♪ Aromatherapy

♪ Music therapy

♪ Mindfulness

♪ Storytelling

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